When looking for salon equipment must necessarily include the smartvacuum

The smartvacuum is needed in a salon like scissors. As long as the hairdresser finished haircut to go to get the dustpan and broom to turn to wipe crouch to collect the hairs go fly them, and return the customer has already made at least 60 steps and two Crouching means that 10 customers day has 600 steps and has crouch misused 20 times, which means that burden on joints and average and time average of a problem may be removed by the hairdresser even a month means closure.

Contribution to Environment-Eco product

Hair meditation can help in cleaning the oceans wherever that emanated from oil leakage and can throoume in contact with some oil company for their collection. Thus helping to protect the environment and the planet. Also the bristles can be used in crop plants because they grow quickly and hygienically. It can be used in plaster, when plastered and when we use it in theaters operas etc. we have echo echo.

We thought the smartvacuum which easily finishes your work

smartvacuum includes filter and bag the bucket is half filter that leaves hair and particles into the atmosphere when cleaning is healthy. The bucket is 40lt not to fill quickly when filled might not suck well so the company bag change is required. Because the bag operates as a filter. Includes hose coming out and purified clogging. It also has a position for brushes and scissors to find them easily and not looking in drawers